W3rlds has a community of companies providing services such as Meta-architecture, storytelling and 3D modeling in the Metaverse.
3D modeling
Creative agency storytelling
  • Exclusible
    Exclusible empowers brands and communities by expanding the possibilities of both the physical and digital universes.
  • Polygonal Mind
    Polygonal Mind is a Creative Development Studio that imagines, designs and develops stunning environments, avatars, games and experiences.
  • YouExperience
    Independent communication agency based in Dubai. Since 2014 we have been influencing purchase decisions through our extensive regional knowledge, effective strategies and disruptive creative.
  • Sila Sveta
    Sila Sveta is an interactive media, production and conceptual design company.
  • Faces&Laces
    Faces&Laces is a full service creative agency based in Dubai.
  • Main leaf
    Complete outsourcing game studio
  • VCA
    Our mission is to promote culture and to support talents via collaborations and partnerships between brands, cultural institutions and independent creative initiatives
  • Generative Gallery
    Generative Gallery is a live audio-visual project driven by the global art community collaboration.
  • Orchestra
    Designing experiences
    for the world’s most ambitious companies
  • Dearch Space
    Dearch Space is a community of virtual architects and designers building the Metaverse. We create bespoke projects, provide consultancy, showcase the talents and educate new creators.
  • Lateral Summer
    Lateral Summer is the narrative design studio. We tell stories in a variety of mediums, including interactive film, games, virtual reality, and the metaverse.
  • Phygitalism
    Phygitalism is an international Emmy-nominee studio that creates VR, AR and metaverse projects using machine learning algorithms. Now putting in hand all our experience, we developed the first no-code AI tool for digital creators Phygital+
  • Voskhod Agency
    Independent advertising agency. 25 years of experience. over 600 awards at international festivals. The symbol of freedom and art. We set and follow our own rules of what advertising should be like.
  • Post Tribe
    Post tribe is a Creative and Motion/VFX studio. Working with Web 3.0 Metaverse projects and CG/art direction for world-famous musicians.
  • The Center for Spatial Technologies
    The Center for Spatial Technologies is a group of architects, researchers, and educators, predominantly based in Kyiv, Ukraine, who develop solutions for spatial problems; hacking economic, technological and political infrastructures to shape the future city. 
  • Dark Matter Labs
    Dark Matter is an ambitious not-for-profit designing and building the underlying infrastructure to support this new civic economy, exploring how ownership, legal systems, governance, accountancy and insurance might begin to change. 
  • ARSNL.
    The Artists Rights Society, an organization that for 35 years has advised artists on copyright and licensing matters, has expanded its efforts into the digital space with the announcement of a new NFT platform, ARSNL
  • Informa Markets
    Informa Markets creates platforms for industries and specialist markets to trade, innovate and grow. Through more than 450 international B2B brands, we provide opportunities to engage, experience and do business via live and virtual experiences, specialist digital content and actionable data solutions.