Eli Joteva - IntraBeing

What lies within the bounds of being? IntraBeing confronts the boundaries of imaging the human body to imagine a boundless and intra-active sense of being. During the STEAM III Residency, Eli Joteva worked remotely with researchers at Fraunhofer MEVIS to investigate the capacities of medical imaging and simulation procedures and locate enigmatic spaces that emerge at the limits of their resolution and computation. She conducted a series of full body MRI scans and Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) scans, commonly used only to show connectivity in the brain, to instead uncover nerve fibers in the chest and pelvic regions of her body. She drew inspiration from the fact that hydrogen atoms, which MRI processing relies on, are also in constant flux on a nano-second timescale and thus evade accurate measurement. These components are key elements in the artwork, which exhibits an oscillating inner landscape of hydrogen atoms, the nerves they flow along, and the magnetic potentials generated between them.

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