City and Skyline

Moonsoon - City and Skyline

Five Points of Crypto Architecture Series
What would be the crypto native city looks like?
This piece is a city collection of 14 bespoke towers (, 2.mountain, 3.noise, 4.metaball, 5.Klein, 6.fold, 7.hexi, 8.strip, 9.twist,, 11.branch, 12.truss, 13.wormhole, 14.curve ), each of the tower has its own identity, to differentiate from other cities and over all to form a new crypto native skyline.
As the result of reification of the new information capital, nature and human's habitation have been mixed data's habitation. The city could shape-shift according to events energy flow or response to any catalytic feature. Each of the towers are designed and operated according to blockchain project’s main logic and structure, thus bridge, complex connections, layers, multiple identities. etc.
The owner will own the original architecture 3d model, it could be modified to fit in any metaverse project, could experience the space with AR, and could be 3d printed.

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