Arsia Mons

Rory Scott - Arsia Mons 

Arsia Mons is one of a first, in a series of AR dioramas featuring imagined landscapes paired with 3D self scans, being released as a part of my life committed project Impermanence—now entering its 12th year.
Impermanence as a project is comprised of many components. It’s a practice of letting go, thinking about time, reality & patterns. As well as an exploration of how we can use patterns in conjunction with time, as tools for change within our lives and throughout the world.
Arsia Mons, is part of a body of work that is an observation of life, the end of humanity (as we have known it) & a visual dialogue between humanity & technology. An experience that now loops between the immaterial, material & extended world. A vision shared between mind and machine, observed in augmented space, existing in an entirely new reality of its own.

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