Box Exploder | Brutalist | Sculpture

Adam Swaab - Box Exploder | Brutalist | Sculpture

Kinetic GLB sculpture
0:08 loop
This kinetic sculpture is part of my Box Exploder series. This is a generative series, created in high-end 3D software, using code and procedural systems to bring it to life. The minted pieces in this series are directed, curated and selected for their particular beauty, rather than leaving the final result to chance.
Most of my work over the last two years has focused on primitive shapes, using them to tell larger stories or explore ideas about motion and form. This series is a continuation of this mission. The GLB format has been of particular interest to me over the past year, as I consider it the sculptural equivalent to my video works.
Each of the pieces in this series comes with a minted 1/1 video counterpart of the same name. The winner of this auction will have its video counterpart transferred to their wallet.

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