Alluvial Fan

Rory Scott - Alluvial Fan 

Alluvial Fan is part of an augmented reality landscapes series, being released from my life committed project Impermanence—now entering its 12th year.
Impermanence as a project is a practice of letting go, thinking about time, reality & patterns. As well as an exploration of how we can use patterns in conjunction with time, as tools for change within our lives and throughout the world.
Alluvial Fan, is the second release in this series that will join other AR landscapes—including Arsia Mons as a cohesive presentation of this body of work. A body of work that is an observation of life, the end of humanity (as we have known it) & a visual dialogue between humanity & technology. An experience that now loops between the immaterial, material & extended world. A vision shared between mind and machine, observed in augmented space, existing in an entirely new reality of its own.

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Style: Abstract

Color: Red